Full In-House Laboratory

Dr. Hyun Oh is dedicated to supplying the optimal in veterinary care. An example of how we offer this is by having full service in house laboratory equipment. Our hospital is equipped with the the best in digital radiographs, comprehensive in house laboratory, coagulation analysis, video endoscopy, dental xrays, and much more.


Digital Radiographs

Digital radiology has become a standard in veterinary medicine. There are many advantages to digital radiographs, which Dr. Oh at Animal Medical Center can offer. Some advantages include; Immediate observation of radiographic images, Ability to enhance images, Data storage, Developing solutions and conventional film developers, Communication with other practitioners, Less radiation, Loss of conventional films, and it is easy to use.


Video Endoscopy

Endoscopy allows a visual examination of internal organs and body parts without invasive exploratory surgery. Endoscopy is performed with either a rigid or flexible fiberoptic instrument. Flexible endoscopes such as those used in the examination of the stomach consist of a long, flexible insertion tube with a bending tip at the end that enters the body, an eyepiece, and a control section. The tip of the endoscope is manipulated using a control knob in the hand piece. In addition to the fiber bundles which provide the light source, two channels are present within the endoscope. One channel permits various endoscopic tools to be passed and fluids to be suctioned or samples taken. The other allows air or water to be passed into the stomach/intestine to insufflate (inject air into the area), or wash away mucus from the viewing port.