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    Dr Hyun Oh, DVM
    Practice Owner, Chief Veterinarian

    Dr. Oh, the visionary leader of Animal Medical Center, blends Eastern healing traditions with Western veterinary science, fostering a holistic care approach. With a degree from Oklahoma State University and specialized training in veterinary acupuncture, Dr. Oh's expertise spans two decades. His tenure as a U.S. Army Veterinary Officer reinforced his commitment to excellence and discipline. Actively engaged in the veterinary community, Dr. Oh serves on boards and associations, ensuring the practice stays at the forefront of advancements. Animal Medical Center's consecutive recognition as the Best Veterinary Hospital underscores Dr. Oh's dedication to exemplary pet care, inviting all to experience our award-winning service.

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    Dr Michelle Kim, DVM

    Dr. M Kim joined the Animal Medical Center team in 2014. Dr. Kim grew up in Korea and graduated school from Seoul University and went on to study internal medicine. After studying internal medicine she owned her own practice in Korea for several years. In 2006 Dr. Kim sold her practice and came to America to further her education. Dr. Kim found herself in love with California for the sun, warm weather and of course lots of animal.

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    Dr Jin Heo, DVM

    Dr. Heo graduated from Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea and did his residency at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN Dr. Heo chose diagnostic imaging because when he find a hidden lesion in the diagnostic images and it becomes an important clue to save our patient’s lives, it really makes him pleased. I’m a serious golfer and always trying to be better at it. Also, I like traveling and gardening!

  • Dr David Hinebaugh, DVM

    Dr. Hinebuagh started with with Animal Medical Center in 2022. Dr. Hinebuagh was the owner of Granada Veterinary Clinic for over 25 years he is now an associate veterinarian with us. Dr. Hinebuagh graduated from Perdue University in 1974. As a child as young as 6th grade Dr. Hinebuagh wanted to be a veterinarian. In his spare time he likes; fly fishing and spending time with his family gardening and drinking wine.

  • Heylim Kang

    Dr. Heylim Kang, a South Korean native, attended Chunckbuk National Veterinary College, graduating in 2012. Pausing her studies in 2009, she volunteered at animal shelters in Malaysia and India, sparking her interest in veterinary medicine over endangered species research. With six years at a small animal hospital and two at KARA Veterinary clinic, her passion for animals and veterinary medicine deepened. Specializing in surgery, rehabilitation, and palliative care, she aims to reduce patient stress. Recently joining Valencia Animal Medical Hospital, she enjoys family time, the outdoors, and travel. Her experience and dedication make her a valued member of the veterinary community.

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    Doctor Chae

    Dr. Chae brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the veterinary field, serving as a trusted advocate for animal health and welfare. A graduate of a prestigious veterinary program, Dr. Chae's passion for caring for animals extends beyond the clinic walls. With a focus on preventative care and advanced treatment modalities, Dr. Chae is committed to ensuring the well-being of every patient. Whether it's performing surgeries, conducting wellness exams, or offering compassionate end-of-life care, Dr. Chae approaches each case with dedication and compassion. With a warm demeanor and a genuine love for animals, Dr. Chae is a valued member of the veterinary community, dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of pets and their families.