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Pet Vaccinations Prevent Illness and Disease for Healthier Pets

pet vaccinations important to pet preventative care.jpgPet vaccinations are an essential part of pet preventative care. Our Valencia veterinarian recommends that puppies and kittens be vaccinated early at around 10-12 weeks of age. Younger animals are more susceptible to disease and infection after they are weaned. Starting the series of vaccinations early will ensure that your animal is protected.

Valencia Puppies and Kittens are Protected Through Pet Vaccinations

There are general or "core" vaccines that are recommended for most pets, but the vaccines given to your animal can vary depending on their lifestyle, health and environment. Puppies typically receive shots to prevent rabies, bordetella and canine flu. These annual vaccinations are conveniently administered in our animal hospital. Kittens can be protected from rabies, bordetella and other feline viruses through vaccines.

Just like humans, animals may have mild reactions to certain vaccines. Your pet could get a fever, experience loss of appetite or swelling around the vaccination site. Most of the reactions are not life threatening and will go away within a few days, but on rare occasions your animal can have a more severe reaction that requires immediate attention from our veterinarian.

As a pet owner you will need to weigh your options when it comes to pet vaccinations. Our veterinarian will counsel you about the vaccines he feels are necessary for your pet preventative care program. Keeping up on your pet's wellness care will help ensure good health and a longer life. We will maintain vaccination records and remind you about annual booster shots for your pet. Our animal hospital provides many services for your pets in addition to vaccinations including spay and neuter procedures, grooming and boarding services, pet dental and pet senior care.

Visit Animal Medical Center today for all of your veterinary care needs and let our highly trained staff care for your beloved pets.

What vaccines have your puppies and kittens received?