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Animal Medical Center Provides Information and Service to Valencia Pet Owners

Valencia vet starts blog.jpgWelcome to the blog of the veterinarians at Animal Medical Center. We are establishing this blog as a way to communicate with pet owners about the day-to-day needs of their dogs and cats. We believe that healthcare starts at home and should not be limited to veterinary visits only. In the future, we hope our blog posts will educate and inform you about preventative health care, as well as answer any questions you may have about pet nutrition, exercise, grooming and more.

We will also provide you with information about proper pet dental care, as your pet's teeth are most easily cared for with good dental hygiene. We will provide you with tips for brushing your pet's teeth and what types of foods to feed your pet to promote good oral health. We will also inform you of the signs and symptoms of periodontal disease and tooth decay.

In-Office Pet Preventative Care

In addition to giving you information about how to care for your pet's health at home, we will also use this blog to educate pet owners about pet preventative care available from your veterinarian. If you live in or around the Valencia area, we welcome you to make an appointment to visit one of our veterinarians soon. To keep your pet healthy, our office provides pet vaccinations, pet spay and neuter procedures, dental check-ups and wellness examinations.

Should your veterinarian find that your pet has an underlying health condition, you can trust that our office staff is trained and experienced in the latest in pain management and veterinary advancements. We use state-of-the-art diagnostics, and our laser surgery techniques are designed to minimize pain and accelerate the healing process with little swelling or inflammation. We make your pet a priority in the level of care we provide.

Are there any pet-related topics that you would like to read more about in the future?