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Welcome Your New Puppy and Kitten with Proper Veterinary Care

puppy and kitten care in Valencia.jpgIt's always an exciting thing to welcome a new puppy or kitten to your home, but it's also a big responsibility. Your new pet needs specific care, and it's important to start early. Visiting the vet to get pet vaccinations and regular puppy and kitten checkups ensures that your newest family member stays healthy and develops good patterns of care from the beginning. Here are some tips to help you start out on the right foot.

4 Tips for Puppy and Kitten Care for New Owners

1. Schedule your first visit to a Valencia veterinarian as soon as you know you're getting a puppy or kitten. Although you'll hope that your new pet is healthy, puppies and kittens can come into your home with health issues or infections, and it's important to come in for a routine checkup right away. Plus, you can get the first round of pet vaccinations at this visit.

2. Come in for regular checkups during the first few weeks you have your puppy or kitten, especially if she was very young when you brought her home. The vet can check to ensure that she's growing at a healthy rate and make recommendations about feeding or care to help her meet growth goals.

3. Start early with pet dental care. Many dogs and cats have dental problems, and you can prevent them by brushing your puppy or kitten's teeth. It is good training to get them used to the feel of a brush in their mouth, and it develops habits for both of you that can protect you from pet dental problems down the road.

4. Schedule pet spay or neuter services soon after bringing your puppy or kitten into your home. In many cases, pet spay and neuter surgeries can be performed before your pet is even four months old. Early spaying and neutering can help prevent health problems in the future.

What was the most difficult transition when you brought home your new puppy or kitten?