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3 Benefits of Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery

Why Does Pet Spay and Neuter Surgery Matter?

pet spay and neuter in Valencia important to wellness.jpgSpaying and neutering is no less critical to a pet’s overall health and wellness than any other form of pet preventative care a veterinarian typically provides. Here are three ways your pet can benefit from this procedure:

Disease prevention. Did you know that pet spay and neuter surgery can help your pet avoid potentially deadly diseases? When we remove the reproductive organs, we also remove the risk of the diseases that afflict those organs -- including ovarian, testicular and uterine cancers. Anything that encourages a longer and healthier life for your pet is worth doing. If you would still like to have a puppy or kitten join your household -- just adopt one!

Birth control. Many pet owners do not think about the expense and effort involved in raising an entire litter of puppies or kittens until their pets have already gotten pregnant. All too often, these unwanted animals end up in shelters, forcing the destruction of thousands of puppies and kittens each year. Spaying and neutering helps us to maintain a more manageable pet population so that those pets can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Behavior modification. Heat cycles and sexual frustration causes many behavioral changes in dogs and cats. They may grow short-tempered and aggressive, or they may resort to other mating behaviors such as spraying urine. They may even feel compelled to escape from your home or yard and roam the streets -- a behavior that can cause injury or expose them to rabies from infected wild animals. Spaying and neutering eliminates these behaviors, leaving you with a happier, more docile dog or cat.

Spaying and Neutering from Our Valencia Veterinarian

Here at Animal Medical Center, Drs. Grewal and Oh have years of experience in performing spay and neuter surgery for Valencia and the surrounding area. Give your beloved family member the pet preventative care he needs for a long and happy life -- contact us!

Have you seen a change in your pet’s behavior since being spayed or neutered?