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How to Prepare Your Pet for Routine Surgery

How to Prepare Your Pet for Routine Surgery

Routine surgery, such as a pet spay or neuter procedure, is an important part of pet preventative care. If your pet has never had surgery before, you may be wondering what to expect. Here's how to prepare:

routine surgery in Valencia for pet preventative care.jpg5 Steps to a Successful Routine Surgery

#1: Complete pre-operative blood work. If anesthesia will be administered during the procedure, be sure that your pet’s diagnostic blood work is completed in advance of the operation. Blood work is useful for identify undiagnosed conditions that may compromise your pet’s health.

#2: Prepare your pet for surgery. For puppy and kitten spay or neuter operations, our veterinarian recommends withholding food 12 hours in advance of the procedure and limiting water intake. An empty stomach is important because this complications should a reaction to the anesthesia occur.

#3: Be ready for your pet. Immediately following an operation, we will keep your pet for supervision in our post-operative recovery suite. We will monitor your pet’s vital signs as your pet wakes up from the anesthesia. Once your pet is ready to go home, we will contact you. For a spay/neuter operation performed in the morning, this is usually late in the afternoon. Often times we keep your pet overnight for supervised post-operative care. Your pet will be very drowsy still and may need significant assistance before being taken home.

#4: Support your pet’s recovery. Before we send your pet home, our veterinarian will give you detailed instructions for helping your pet recover. This includes pain management medication and how to change or clean your pet’s bandage. For a spay/neuter operation, your pet may also need to wear an Elizabethan collar to stop from licking the wounds or stitches.

#5: Help your pet rest. Puppy and kitten pet owners quickly learn that the most challenging part of the recovery process is keeping a pet quiet! Following pet spay and neuter surgery or other pet preventative care operations, your pet will need to be kept quiet for 5 to 7 days. You can slowly build up to short walks, but no off-leash time is recommended for dogs.

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